Tesla Swapped Ford F100 Gets Chevy Battery Packs

We are making progress on the 1972 F100 Tesla swapped truck build. We have been collecting parts and moving right along attempting to get this full build done in a relatively short timeframe. This Ford truck will receive all of the F100 performance parts we sell that relate to the EV swap. It is of course getting all ViKing Performance triple adjustable coilovers. It is getting the S550 IRS that will be adapted to take the Tesla Model S sport drive unit. It is getting Crown Victoria front suspension swapped and we just acquired the gen 2 Chevrolet Volt battery packs we will be using as well. In this video we document some of the tear down and go over a little bit of info related to the Gen 2 Chevrolet Volt battery packs. These battery packs should work very well for driving the Tesla Model S sport drive unit to propel this truck to pretty extreme levels of acceleration and hopefully do quite well when we take it out to do some autocross racing, road racing and possibly even some drag racing with it. Go check out our YouTube channel at Performance Production to follow all the progress of the Tesla swapped F100 truck build and many other projects and parts updates coming soon. 



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